Analyzing Practice to Improve Teaching

From calibrating instruction to virtual coaching to certification, TeachForward enables educators to engage in rich dialogue about effective teaching practices.

Going from Good to Great

TeachForward is dedicated to the advancement of teaching through the analysis of every aspect of instructional practice.

  • Aligning Expectations

    Getting to great teaching starts with ensuring that administrators, instructional coaches, and mentors are aligned in their expectations of what good teaching looks like in the classroom.
  • Certifying Educators

    Once aligned, instruction can only be deemed to be “great,” when teachers and instructional leaders are certified around a defined set of professional competencies. All of this work must also be supported by a trusted and collaborative professional community.
  • Ongoing Coaching and Mentoring

    Getting from good to great teaching requires consistent feedback and guidance through coaching and mentoring, as well as personalized professional development opportunities that put the teacher at the center of his or her learning.
Good to Great

TeachForward provides software tools to gather and analyze teaching artifacts to provide feedback.

  • TFAlign

    Get on the Same Page

    Align instructional expectations based on examples of teaching and student work.
  • TFCoach

    Two Steps Forward…One Feedback

    Empower educators in the coaching process by engaging in two-way conversations based on evidence from their teaching.
  • TFCertify

    Show what you know

    Earn certification badges and licenses based on what educators know and demonstrate.
What We Do

Machine Learning + Professional Judgment = Efficient & Effective Instructional Feedback

At TeachForward, we take advantage of innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the burdensome work associated with the analysis of artifacts of instructional practice, without supplanting human judgment.

By supporting professional judgment with artificial intelligence TeachForward enables educators to provide much more robust and effective feedback.

View Our Video:

Get a glimpse of TeachForward’s new virtual professional development tool, TeachForward Align, and hear Massachusetts educators talk about how it can help improve teaching and learning. Discover how TeachForward Align could benefit your school, district, or educator preparation program.

In addition to professional development, TeachForward Align can be used during the hiring process to virtually preview how an applicant would score a classroom lesson or learn about an applicant’s ability to recognize quality teaching practices.

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Our Difference
  • Charlotte Danielson
    Thought Leader and Founder
    The Danielson Group
    ”Too often, coaching conversations are one way
    with the coach talking to the teacher rather than engaging in a professional conversation with the teacher. TeachForward enables teachers and coaches to examine instructional practice collaboratively using my Clusters framework.”
  • Marietta Rives
    Educator Quality
    Iowa Department of Education
    ”We worked with TeachForward to provide
    the Iowa Teacher Performance Assessment that allowed mentors and beginning teachers to review and annotate artifacts of teacher practice and provide feedback on how to improve their practice.”