Demonstrating Your Craft

The Lesson Reflection is designed to provide a structured process for submitting authentic work products from your typical classroom routines that demonstrate the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession.

  • Ohio RESA Guidebook 2018-2019

What You Are Expected to Do

Lesson Reflection
Work to Submit:
  • Teaching and Learning Context Form
  • Video Recording of the Lesson
  • Video Commentary and Reflection Form

The Ohio RESA asks Resident Educators to complete the Lesson Reflection. This task requires the Resident Educator to select an individual lesson, provide context for that lesson, record a video of their teaching, and respond to a short series of questions about that lesson. These Commentary and Reflection questions ask Resident Educators to reflect on their lesson planning, instruction, and the outcomes achieved.В 

Submission Deadlines

Resident Educators are required to upload and submit their Lesson Reflection by January 11, 2019.В  After teachers submit their Lesson Reflection, well-trained assessors will evaluate the work and provide comprehensive feedback. В Score reports will be released onВ May 03, 2019.

  • Ohio RESA Opens October 15, 2018
  • CORE Registration Deadline November 15, 2018
  • Lesson Reflection Submission Deadline January 11, 2019
Submission window closed
RESA Score Reports Released May 03, 2019

The Ohio RESA Process

To support you through the Lesson Reflection process, the following resources are available on the website:

  • The RESA Guidebook
  • Webinar that walks candidates through the Lesson Reflection
  • Screencast on using the RESA Submission System
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Guide to Technical and Program Support

Follow these steps to complete the Lesson Reflection:

  1. Download the RESA Guidebook.
  2. Review the RESA Guidebook and begin completing the downloadable Lesson Reflection forms offline.
  3. Have your Program Coordinator register you in the Ohio CORE database as eligible to take the RESA.
  4. Confirm receipt of an email alerting you to activate your RESA account and complete the RESA Profile.
  5. Complete the forms, upload and segment your video, and submit the Lesson Reflection by January 11, 2019.
  6. View your RESA Score Report on May 03, 2019.