What are the most important resources for the RESA?

AllВ of the most essential resources can be found on the Resources page at www.ohioresa.com. The most important resources include:

The Ohio RESA Guidebook:В This document is your primary guide for completing the RESA Lesson Reflection.

  • The RESA Lesson Reflection and associated domains can be found here and are reflected in the submission system, which launches on October 15, 2018.
  • Supporting documentation on topics such as registering for the RESA, using the RESA Submission System Software, requesting RESA Modifications for special teaching circumstances and ADA Amendments Act Accommodations, and a glossary of terms used in the Lesson Reflection are available on the Resources page of the Ohio RESA website.

Video Resources:В Recordings of webinars and PowerPoint slides are available on the Resources page of the website.

The Ohio Department of Education’s website: The RESA website provides a clearinghouse of information about the RESA. For information about the Resident Educator Program in general and specifically about eligibility for taking the RESA, please visit the Ohio Department of Education’s webpage on the Resident Educator Program here.

Your RESA Program Coordinators will confirm that you are eligible to take the RESA, will manage your registration in Ohio’s CORE system, provide helpful guidance, and will monitor and report on your submission process.