How do I videotape my online class and are there specific technology requirements for RESA candidates who teach online classes?

Candidates who teach online should capture their online teaching event as a screen recording with audio of the virtual classroom. Students’ names in the chat box or elsewhere on the screen should be replaced with non-identifiers, such as Participant 1 or Student A. Please make sure that the chat boxes are legible, so that the assessor will be able to get a sense of student engagement.

RESA candidates who teach online classes must capture video, audio, and other evidence submitted in support of the RESA tasks on a high-resolution monitor with the resolution set as high as possible. Using a low-resolution monitor/settings may result in illegible evidence that will be disqualified. Even if you have a high-resolution monitor, low-resolution settings can make your evidence unreadable.

TeachForward recommends that RESA candidates who teach online classes do a trial run to ensure that video and other evidence are legible (i.e., an assessor can read the text and understand the content) prior to capturing evidence intended for submission. 

TeachForward also recommends that online teachers capture and submit audio or written interaction during the class (i.e., chat box) as evidence of student engagement.