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Please complete the following questions as part of your application to be a RESA Assessor. В Applications with INCOMPLETE information will NOT be considered.

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    RESA Experience:

    Have you ever served as a RESA Assessor?

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    What years were you an assessor for RESA?

    Which tasks were you certified to score in the past:

    What email address was used as your log-in for the RESA scoring system?

    Have you ever served as a RESA Master Coder?

    Have you ever provided live observations for RESA candidates?

    Time Commitment:

    We will have a shortened scoring window where all assessors must be trained and certified by February 1st at the latest. The scoring work will be completed between January 15 – April 1st. Assessors will be required to score a minimum number of tasks per week and must be able to commit 20-30 hours per week to scoring for at least 6 consecutive weeks.

    Would you be able to make this commitment during this time?

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